Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow and Snow Days and Working from Home and Working Nights...and Punishment!

It was a perfect storm.

Between the MLK Day holiday, the foot of snow that fell, my son's school closing, me working from home, my husband working was a full house for three days last week. In our tiny cape cod style home. 

Actually, now that I think about it, it was downright inevitable.
Last Week: Emotions and Tempers in My Household.
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My son and his antics got on my nerves.

Then they got on my husband's nerves.

So badly that my husband finally exploded.

"That's it! You have lost TV, Xbox, the computer, your iPad, everything. Now go to your room and  bring a piece of paper and write  down EVERYTHING  that aggravates me and aggravates mommy -- and what you're going to do about it!"

My son made two lists.
Things that aggravate mommy  
Talking back, not doing things when she tells me to, beating up Bruno, having a crap attack, being sneaky, yelling at her, cursing, and talking back to her. And I won't do any of the things I just said. I'm verry sorry when I did these things, and I promise I will never do them Never AGAIN!

Then, after a review and conversation with dad, an amendment on the back of the paper: 
And I promise I will work hard to not do these things or I Will Be Punnished.
A second piece of paper came out.
Things that make my dad furious!!! 
Not doing things when he tells me to. Having a crap atatack, joking around at the rong time, lieing, being sneaky all that, cursing at him, or talking back, throwing balls at him when he's not ready, being ungrateful. And I promise I work hard to controle my selfe over doing those things, and I am sorry when I did do those things.
And that is how my household spent the first part of last week.