Friday, September 30, 2011

The Power of Intention

Last summer, my son told my husband that he wanted a Major League Baseball. But not just any Major League Baseball. He wanted one from a Phillies game.

He talked about it all summer, how much he wanted this to happen.

My husband really wanted this to happen for him. So he bought him a Major League Baseball. It came in a nice case and had the official Major League Baseball stamp on it. My son liked it and treasured it. But it wasn't what he really wanted.

Later that fall, my husband got Phillies tickets. We went down to the ballpark really early. The plan was for me to stay in the car until the game started so that my son could nap while my husband went in to batting practice to see if he could catch a ball. Sometimes the players will hit one into the stands.

As planned, my husband goes into the stands to try and catch a ball. He forgot his glove. So he jams the tips of his fingers into my 7-year old's glove. He's standing in left field and realizes that he's on the wrong side. All of the balls are going to right field. He quick runs over to right field. But when he gets there, all the balls are now sailing out to where he was standing moments ago. Right before he's about to give up, a ball is hit right towards him. He freezes. Then, he holds up his little glove. The ball is falling right towards his glove. He's single-mindedly focused on that ball. He's telling himself, "Don't drop the ball. Don't drop the ball." He's so focused that he's completely unprepared when another dad knocks him out of the way and grabs the ball for his own son.

My husband was crushed.

He came out and got us, all upset. My husband and son had seats in left center field. My son had worn his Victorino jersey to honor his favorite player at the time. These seats were perfect, as Shane Victorino plays center field. I had a seat almost directly across from them -- in seats with one of my good friends.

About halfway through the game, I got a text from my husband. Not only did my son get a Major League Baseball at a Phillies game. But he got one thrown to him by his favorite player.

Ball that Shane Victorino threw to my son

Here's how it happened. Between innings, all the children in the section would stand at the front and yell to Shane to throw them the ball when the players were done warming up. Before one of the innings, out of blue, out of all the children in that section, the usher randomly chose my son to stand all alone with her in front of the section right where Shane could see them. When the players were done warming up, Shane had the ball in his hand. My son yelled, "Shane!" He looked up, saw my son with the usher, standing there waiting, and he tossed the ball gently and perfectly up to him.

And that's how my son taught me the power of intention. And how if you put your intention -- your deepest desire, the thing you want most in the world -- into words, the universe will respond.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost Within Reach

Last week I found out an editor, who was recently promoted and is actively building her stable of authors, wants to see the first chapter and synopsis of a story I'm working on. And I didn't even query her! The instructor of an online writing course that I'm taking shared my story concept with her. 

So what did I do? After I jumped for joy -- and fright? And peeled myself off the ceiling?

I did what every self-respecting procrastinator would do. I vaccuumed the entire house, including the baseboards. I even moved furniture out of the way to get those dust balls. Then I did three loads of laundry and two loads of dishes. After that, I turned my attention to the bathroom and scrubbed the toilet and bathtub and sink. Then I moved on to the bedroom and changed the sheets. Finally I entered the kitchen and cooked the chicken I had defrosting. Two different kinds of dishes.

Did I mention I don't have a synopsis written? And I only have a first draft of the first chapter? My class ends next week. And my instructor has told me to send everything to her so that she can give me advice on how to make these things sparkle. So time is ticking...slipping through my fingers as I try to grab onto it to slow it down.

Are you marveling over my actions -- or inactions -- as much as I am?

Two things are running through my head.

First, I'm thinking about Julia Cameron's Artist Way, and her concept of synchronicity, which is rooted in the belief that the universe will respond to your deepest desire. If you have the courage to pursue your dream.

Second, I'm thinking about a friend of mine who told me how she wanted to redo her kitchen for years. But for some reason, she just couldn't get started on it. She was completely blocked. Until this summer, when she felt a shift inside. And suddenly it was really easy. She found a contractor by chance who has been a great collaborator with her, and she couldn't feel more at peace and happy with the process.

I hope and pray that these two things come together for me. That the appearance of this editor is synchronicity -- is the universe responding to my deepest desire. If I just have the courage to pursue my dream. And that I will experience a shift inside where suddenly the insurmountable -- the writing of my synopsis, the revising of my first chapter, the finishing of the second half of my book -- suddenly becomes really easy.