Friday, August 24, 2012

Eating My Way Back to Healthy?

The Strong Years
Random strong woman. (Not me. Nor my double.)
For almost 10 years, I taught eight to 12 group fitness classes per week: kickboxing, step aerobics, body sculpting, interval, spinning, treadmill trekking, even yoga (as a sub).

Along the way, I took lots of workshops and picked up certifications for the latest fitness crazes at any given time: urban rebounding, mat pilates, body pump, zumba, and on and on.

During my pregnancy, I continued to teach, even my spinning classes. Teaching helped with my swelling ankles. Teaching helped me feel fit. Strong. Healthy.

The Long Slide Down
After I had my baby, I continued teaching. When my son was almost two years old, I rejoined Corporate America -- on a part-time basis -- and continued to teach on my days off. Until I went back full time. Until I was promoted to officer. Until my job became all-consuming.

So I picked up running.

Then walking.

Then I stopped exercising.

I have since left that all-consuming job. But I'm still not exercising, and haven't for about a year. I'm still living on the benefits of my earlier teaching days. Or at least I was.

The Wrong Year 
My weight is still about the same. The jiggling is not. Nor is the thinning hair.

I think this hair loss is happening because I have no outlet right now for the stresses of the day.

My husband thinks it is due to my diet. My poor one, of course.

For years he has exhorted me to take a multi-vitamin. To eat healthier foods.

The Solution: GOMBS?
GOMBS. Mmm. Appetizing.
Anyway, here is what he says I should be eating every day (from the teachings of Dr. Joel Fuhrman on PBS):
  • Greens, especially kale, collard greens, broccs, cauliflower
  • Onions, either raw or chopped up small and cooked
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries and Beans
  • Seeds and nuts, especially flax, sesame, walnuts
My husband, the apostle, calls it a diet of GOMBS, "chock full of micronutrients that act as immunity boosters."

I can eat other stuff, too. I just have to make sure I eat these particular foods every day.


Where's my multi-vitamin?