Monday, April 1, 2013

Road Trip! With My Son!

Last week, my son and I took a road trip to my parents for an overnight visit. It took us six hours to get there. Here's a taste of what traveling with my son is like:

[6:30 am, in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot]
My son: That man walked in with swagger!

[9 am, somewhere on 95 South, listening to Sirius Radio Hits 1]
My son: They're playing the same songs all over again.
Me: Yeah, they only play about 10 songs.
My son: What's if they come in at 1 am, record [the show], then leave, and just let it play over and over?

[9:30 am, in a Chik-fil-A parking lot]
My son: Who eats chicken for breakfast?
Me: Um, you're eating it.

[10:30 am, somewhere on 95 South as my son plays a song, on repeat, on his iPad]
Me: That's the fifth time that song has played.
My son: Yeah, I wonder how many times it'll play.

[11:30 am, somewhere on 95 South]
My son: When are we there?
Me: In about an hour.
My son (crying): You said that an hour ago!

[12:30 pm, 30 to 45 minutes away]
My son: We're getting close! Those look like Virginia trees!